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React Native Eu Conference

September 6th - 7th, 2017 | Wroclaw, Poland

React Native comes to Poland

First conference in the world to focus on anything and everything React Native.
No web, backend or general purpose talks. We've seen it already.

Community, core contributors, insights, networking and tons of knowledge -
that's all waiting for you in one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe - Wroclaw.

We will be waiting for you on September 6th and 7th at the Ibis Styles Hotel.

Mike (@grabbou)

There are lots of tricky things with React Native, partially because of iOS and Android ecosystems. There are lots of unanswered questions hanging around, or just people struggling to find answers for problems that may seem trivial to us. This conference is the place they can visit, get answers to questions and go home start writing their next cool startup. And that’s the real purpose of the conference. I am excited for, the company I've founded, to be part of this transformation.

Mike Grabowski

Co-founder @

Don't have enough React Native experience?

Afraid you won't take maximum out of the sessions? No worries.

We are preparing a series of workshops that will take place before the conference. Join us on September 4th and 5th for a 2-day intensive session in which we will guide you through the native unknowns and all the best practices in building a React Native app. The workshops will be sold separately and announced soon.

Meet Your Speakers

Emil Sjölander


Emil works on building frameworks at Facebook. Lately he has spent most of his time working on Yoga, a cross platform open source layout engine.

Eloy Durán


Eloy Durán is a serial open-sourcerer and lead engineer at Artsy. He started the CocoaPods project and has worked on various other technologies, such as RubyMotion.

Ken Wheeler


Director of Open Source at Formidable Labs.

Ville Immonen


Consulting developer building stuff with React and React Native. Co-creator of Reindex – the first GraphQL backend as a service. Create React App maintainer.

Gant Laborde

Infinite Red

Gant is a tech lead for the San Francisco company Infinite Red, a published author, adjunct professor, volunteer mentor, and a speaker at conferences world-wide.

Satyajit Sahoo

Callstack’s own, front-end developer focused on Javascript technologies and mobile apps. Core contributor of React Native, super active in open source.

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