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First community conference in Europe, focused exclusively on React Native. Community, core contributors, insights, networking and tons of knowledge - that's all waiting for you in one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe, Wroclaw.

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  • Jared Palmer The Palmer Group

    Jared is the Engineering Lead at The Palmer Group, a strategy, design, and engineering firm based in New York City. An educator, speaker, and open source software enthusiast, Jared is the author of popular projects including Formik, Razzle, After, Backpack, The Platform, and react-fns. Prior to The Palmer Group, Jared founded Skiptu, a content management platform and application framework for Android lock screens purchased by Unilever.

    Forms In React Native

    In this talk, we're going deep on forms in React Native. I'll explore managing focus, validation, error messages, and working with 3rd-party inputs and introduce you to the all new Formik Native, a new library that lets you do all the fun stuff I just mentioned and more.

  • Jordan Brown Facebook

    Jordan works on Flow at Facebook, focusing mainly on Flow’s React model. Before Facebook, Jordan was at Carnegie Mellon University doing undergraduate research on type systems for security and privacy.

    Statically Enforcing A Consistent UI Using Flow

    As products and teams grow larger, ensuring your UI has a consistent design becomes a difficult problem. Components often are meant to be composed in specific ways, and violating these implicit invariants can create an inconsistent user experience. Code review can catch these invariant violations, but relying on reviews for this kind of feedback is both slow and unnecessarily burdensome to the reviewer. In this talk, we'll explore how you can use Flow to enforce your invariants in order to create a more consistent UI.

  • Orta Therox Artsy

    Orta Therox is an Engineer who helped Artsy move to React Native three years ago and has helped ensure that to be a successful migration for the business and engineers. He maintains many large OSS projects notably CocoaPods and Danger.

    iOS Build Infrastructure Overview

    An overview of how a native's apps build infra works, to make it all feel a little bit less magical.

  • Pariss Chandler Genuine

    Pariss is a React/React Native developer, creator of the #BlackTechTwitter hashtag and movement, as well as Founder of the #BlackTechPipeline platform.

    React And React Native: Siblings, Not Twins

    Before becoming a developer, I was a wax specialist. There is a saying amongst the waxing community: "Eyebrows are siblings, not twins." Now, I hear a common question amongst my fellow developers in the React community: "What is the transition like from React to React Native?" While both have strong similarities, they are indeed not the same, like eyebrows. This talk will touch on the differences between the web and native features of our favorite framework.

  • Peter Piekarczyk Draftbit

    Peter is the co-founder of Draftbit: a tool that allows anyone to build native apps visually with almost no learning curve. He's Expo's first user and is a huge fan of ReasonML. In his free time he takes plant pics on instagram (@petersplantss), drinks way too much coffee, cycles and is a Y Combinator alumn.

    Building Components Visually Using Draftbit

    Draftbit is a platform to help you build React Native apps visually. One of the most exciting features we're releasing is our Visual Component Creator allowing anyone to design and then re-use components across their React Native apps.

  • Emily Janzer Facebook

    Emily is a software engineer on the React Native team at Facebook. Before joining the team, she worked on a couple of different React Native apps at Facebook, including the Oculus companion app and Facebook Ads Manager. Her hobbies include baking and yoga (not the layout engine).

    The New React Native

    For the last year and a half, the core team has been working on a major re-architecture of React Native. As we approach the end of this project, we're starting to think about how React Native will look with Fabric and TurboModules enabled by default. In this talk, we'll take a look at what a re-imagined React Native might look like without the legacy, asynchronous communication layer known as “the bridge”.

  • Dulmandakh Sukhbaatar Khuur Music Group LLC

    Founder and CEO of Khuur Music Group LLC of Mongolia. Dulmandakh started contributing to RN especially on Android side from 2018, and RN core contributor. Full stack developer with 15 years of experience.

    Media Rich App Best Practices

    At Khuur Music Group LLC, we're developing music streaming service and an application for iOS and Android, and planning to launch in early June or late May.

  • Vojtech Novak Memsource

    Vojtech has been hacking with React Native for over three years. He likes to learn through small experiments that, if successful, applies at larger scale. Vojtech is a fan of open source and contributes to several RN-related libraries. He's passionate about clean code and great developer experience.

    Real World e2e Testing With Detox

    There are different types of tests that verify application code at different levels - unit / integration / end to end (e2e). e2e testing is closest to the real-world user interaction with your application and as such, it can catch bugs that may be impossible to find otherwise. It is the ultimate tool to verify that your app works as expected.

  • Kadi Kraman Formidable

    Kadi is a Senior Software Engineer at Formidable Labs. Her career started off with Mathematics and Python, and has been gradually moving up the stack. She has now been building apps with React for the past 4, and with React Native for with the past 2 years. Kadi is also the owner and maintainer of React Native App Auth - an SDK for communicating with OAuth2 providers.

    Security And Authentication In React Native

    The React Native developer experience is very similar to that of React's. So much so, that it's easy to forget some important underlying differences when it comes to security and authentication.

  • Alexey Kureev Twilio

    Senior Front-End Engineer at Twilio. Previously Facebook. Passionate about React, React Native and their ecosystem. Co-author of "react-native link". Occasionally blogging about React Native bridge, Apollo and React Native Network Layer.

    React Native CodeGen

    React Native goes forward with a new architecture. Fabric, TurboModules, CodeGen -- soon enough, these concepts will become a de-facto standard for the community. However, is it ready for it? Some of the related changes like a new TurboModules architecture will implicitly affect the way we write our native modules. Hopefully, CodeGen is here to help.

  • Chiamaka Nwolisa mPharma

    Chiamaka is a JavaScript developer who specializes in creating resilient UIs in React and React Native. She works at mPharma, a company on a mission to provide affordable and accessible medicine to everyone in Africa. She creates content on her medium blog and on YouTube. She also enjoys contributing to open source (Spectrum, codesandbox and others).

    Offline Strategies In React Native

    It’s no longer enough to build native apps. As long as your app is dependent on the network, you still have a lot more ground to cover. Intermittent internet connection is not something we can continue to ignore and building resilient and reliable apps both on the web (PWA) and on mobile is always a win. With this talk, I would highlight how you can take a traditional react native app and gradually adopt offline strategies and techniques to improve the overall experience of your application; whether your app is being used in the subway or when the user’s network connection is on Lie-Fi.

  • Princiya Sequeira smartHelios

    Princiya works as a Lead Front-End Engineer at a health tech startup based out of Berlin. She 💙 food and JavaScript! When not coding or cooking, she is an Advocate for Diversity & Inclusion, OpenSource and Privacy & Security. Past - Outreachy intern; Present - Lightbeam (browser extension that reveals web tracking) and Firefox Devtools' Debugger Maintainer. She volunteers her time in co-organising the Berlin critical tech meetup and curating diversity scholarship applications for JSConfEu. Princiya is also obsessed in translating tech jargon into meaningful cartoons and wants to make everything accessible and performant!

    Posing With React Native, TensorFlow And Node.js

    Detecting human pose is one of the most exciting  computer vision challenge. In this talk we will look at pose detection experiments using PoseNet from TensorFlow on React Native, and how to build a simple working prototype to help you train with your fitness goals! It also shows how to run a Node.js process within your React Native application to do the heavy computational tasks.

  • Ryan Turner AutoZone

    Ryan is an engineering manager at AutoZone, where he leads the mobile team on multiple React and React Native products. Ryan is a React Native core contributor focusing on release documentation. He's pursuing a master's degree at Georgia Institute of Technology, and he also works on an experimental wireless ISP as a hobby.

    So You're Considering Brownfield

    Faced with the question of "Should I go with a brownfield approach, or should I go with greenfield?" when trying to adopt React Native with an existing product, it's hard to feel certain in your decision. In late 2018 and 2019, I worked on two teams simultaneously that took different approaches. I will present our own justifications for each approach, what issues we encountered unique to each decision, and the outcomes we had. I'll also present a decision making framework to help inform future decisions of "greenfield vs brownfield".

  • Catalin Miron Skype

    Catalin designs <body> with <style> from <head>. Pushing pixels to billion of users @Skype. React, React Native, Electron player. Open source and graphQL enthusiast.

    Cross-Platform Development With ReactXP

    The authors of React use the phrase “learn once, write anywhere”. With React and React Native, your web app can share most its logic with your iOS and Android apps, but the view layer needs to be implemented separately for each platform. We have taken this a step further and developed a thin cross-platform layer we call ReactXP.


This year workshops will take place in Ibis Styles Wroclaw Centrum hotel. The workshops ticket includes 1-day session; the ticket does not include conference admission. Workshop day will end around 6 PM CEST.

September 4.


I track

Essential React Native



About this workshop

In this workshop, attendees will learn how to build a real mobile app that's indistinguishable from an app built using Objective-C or Java. React Native uses the same fundamental UI building blocks as regular iOS and Android apps. You just put those building blocks together using JavaScript and React. We’ll guide participants through the framework, ecosystem, syntax, and best practices to build a real-world application.


  • What is React Native
  • Set up the project with Expo
  • Core components
  • Styling
  • Using native APIs (StatusBar, Dimensions)
  • Lists (ScrollView, ListView, FlatList, SectionList)
  • Navigation (StackNavigator, TabNavigator, Drawer)
  • Data persistence
  • Animations & Gestures


Before the workshop, please follow the installation instructions to prepare all the software dependencies. macOS devices are preferred, but *nix and Windows powered machines would also work, although you won't be able to build iOS applications. No React Native knowledge is required. Participants should be familiar with Javascript and ideally, basics of React. We will do a quick introduction to both before we start though.

II track

React Native Performance



About this workshop

The following course is designed for developers who have production experience with React Native. The scope dives deep into the native side of the framework. It’s a very low level in terms of React Native development. The course tackles a lot of the iOS and Android application development topics. It’s perfect for gaining a wide overview of mobile app creation, and lets you look at React Native in a different way.


  • React performance techniques
  • JavaScript debugging and profiling
  • Understanding the communication between JS & Native
  • Diving deep into profiling in Native IDEs (Xcode, Android Studio)
  • Native debugging techniques
  • Bundling JS + RAM bundles
  • Using custom JSC for Android


Familiarity with React Native development will help you get the most out of this workshop.

III track

Delightful UX with React Native



About this workshop

Modern applications contain a lot of beautiful designs and highly focus on user experience. The basic React Native knowledge is in most cases not enough to ship a 5-star store application. This module is designed for developers who already have some experience in writing React Native but want to extend their knowledge in terms of writing beautiful and usable applications. We’ll tackle navigation and animation-related topics that can make all the difference for the end users of the application.


  • Advanced animations with `react-native-reanimated`
  • Flawless gestures with `react-native-gesture-handler`
  • Theming
  • Accessibility and internationalization


Familiarity with React Native development will help you get the most out of this workshop.

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Wroclaw Congress Center
Wroblewskiego 1
Wroclaw, 50-001


Wroclaw Pronounciation: /ˈVRɒTSWɑːF/


How to get to Wroclaw

By Plane

The airport is located 10 km from the city center. You can get to the city center by the bus, but you can also find car rental companies on the arrival.

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By Train

Conference venue is located 15 minutes away from the city's main railway station. You can get there by many public buses or trams.

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By Bus

Conference venue is located 15 minutes away from the city's main railway station. You can get there by many public buses or trams.

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By Car

Wroclaw is located at the crossroads of many national and international routes, such as: 5, 35, 94, 98, A8, E67, E261, A4, E40.

Important info

Typical weather in September



Power sockets type E
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz

Daily accommodation and food cost.

300-400 PLN on average
(70 - 95 EUR)

Tourist attractions

  • Wroclaw ZOO and Africarium

    Poland's first oceanarium and the only one in the world dedicated to flora and fauna of just one continent.

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  • Market Square

    One of the most beautiful old market squares in Europe, with the Old Town Hall and one of the oldest restaurants in Europe.

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  • Ostrów Tumski

    Probably most popular tourist attraction in Wroclaw. The original urban settlement with old gas lanterns and Odra water cruises.

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  • Hydropolis

    Water science museum with multimedia and interactive installations, one of only few of this type in the world.

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  • Kolejkowo

    The largest railway model in Poland, featuring Wrocław and Lower Silesia with its railways in miniature.

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  • Polinka

    Fly across the Odra river with Wroclaw University Of Technology’s cableway.

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